Monday, January 08, 2007

1. Kind-Hearted
2. Sweet
3. Real
4. Serious about Life
5. A Good Listener

6. bad temper and attitudes back to back
7. Run-Away
8. Fight

Many people tell me that I'm kind-hearted because, I do a lot of favors for relatives and friends without complaining or making up excuses about it. Plus, I don't expect anything back in return except a thankyou.

I used to have a very bad temper all the time I guess because of people irritating me and problems in my life. I didn't take my problems out on anybody at all, I just had a bad temper from people and there bull sh** which pi**** me off and lead to many fights and drama. Excuse my language

Chante Dixon
2nd period

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

So what are we supposed to write today? 1. Story ideas. Character ideas, mainly: who you want to be in the story, and how you want that character to wind up. Write a five sentence version of your story, stating the exposition, rising action, turning point, falling action, and resolution.

1. My daddy gets frustrated about not making enough money to support his family like he wants so he turns to drugs.
2. Both my parents, mom and dad does wrong together by taking it. A catastophy breaks out and tears the family apart for a while.
3. Daddy starts to change in his attitude, character trait and ways. There becomes an addition to drugs and turns to the street and street life, hustlin making fast money.
4. Daddy is battling against doing drugs and taking care of his family and kids mother, so theirs light and then their's darkness.
5. My parents never got back together, but they are friends. Grandma Ray Kinsey took care of us including my mom who's currently doing better by coping with her illness and bobding with her six kids.

Now think about your character and comp up with a plan for his/her personality and life. The questions below might help you create an interesting protagonist. These details don't have to be in your story, but you might get a better idea of the character by knowing these aspect.

What is the character's name? John Dixon and Charlotte Hawkins
how old is your character, and when is his/her birthday? 44 and 45
Where was he/she born? Chicago Illinois and Clarksdale Mississippi
What does he/she like to eat? Soulfood all types.
Who are his/her friends?Family
Who are his/her enemies?The Streets and bad associates who want to see my daddy fall.